LGBTI Inclusiveness

Mable is LGBTI Inclusive. We recognise and celebrate people’s individuality and their right to access care that’s just right for them.
Mable is by nature an inclusive service that recognises and celebrates people’s individuality and their right to receive personalised and sensitive care. We also respect people’s right to exercise choice when it comes to who provides their care and support.

Our service allows customers to search for and find the right care or support worker for them.

To make sure we are responding to the needs of our LGBTI customers we:

  • Understand and respect the need for privacy and confidentiality.
  • Understand members of the LGBTI community rarely want to be solely defined by their sexual orientation, sex or gender identity, but for many it is an important part of who they are and may be important in finding the right care worker.
  • Recognise that there is no requirement to disclose information unless you want to. It is your choice.
  • Allow care and support workers to self-identify as “LGBTI Friendly” and offer care and support workers the option of undertaking LGBTI sensitivity training developed by ACON and provided through the National LGBTI Health Alliance.

By undertaking the training, care workers can be accredited as “Rainbow Inclusive”. These badges form part of a care worker’s profile.

On the Mable’s platform, you have the opportunity to give feedback on your care and support workers. If in your experience, a care worker is truly LGBTI Inclusive, then you can give this feedback on their profile, helping other consumers make the right choice for themselves.

By undertaking the training, Care Workers can be accredited as “Rainbow Inclusive”. These badges form part of a Care Giver’s profile.

How to help your clients find and attract care workers on Mable – coordinators guide

Here are some tips to help your clients find and attract care workers on the Mable platform.

  1. To get the best workers, be flexible with their rates and working hours

In order to maximise your reputation and to attract the best care workers, it’s important to respond to messages promptly and be flexible when negotiating hours and rates. Delayed responses to interested care and support workers can mean that those workers lose interest or are engaged by someone else while they are waiting on your reply.

  1. Ensure that your messages are easy to read and understand 

Because care and support workers come from a variety of backgrounds, messages to them should be simple, concise and in plain language. This will help avoid miscommunication. Workers are also more likely to respond well to a personal, conversational message, rather than a message which reads like a job advertisement. Here’s an example of an effective message to a care worker:

  1. Message workers directly where possible

Sending messages to individual care and support workers is much more effective than posting a job to multiple workers. Workers are not obliged to respond to job posts but we ask that they respond to messages within 24 hours regardless of their interest and availability. Workers tend to react more positively to a client that has chosen them specifically and taken the time to send them a message.

  1. If you’re time bound, feel free to message several care workers about the same service request 

Care and support workers are unable to see if you are speaking to others on the platform regarding the same service request. We suggest contacting several workers that meet your client’s requirements if you’re time bound, in case the first person you contact is unable to assist or takes a while to reply.

  1. Give enough notice when messaging care workers about service requests 

It is best to allow workers more notice where possible as they may not be able to reply immediately to requests due to other work commitments.

  1. Tell your clients about the benefits of hiring care workers on Mable

By engaging workers directly via Mable, you can offer your client more choice and flexibility, and better value – including more hours of care and support from someone they have an ongoing relationship with. It is important that clients understand these benefits, particularly when you are offering them choice in relation to services provided.

  1. Empower your clients, give them the opportunity to self-manage where possible

The foundation of CDC and the NDIS is empowering consumers to have choice and control. The Mable organisational login allows clients to self-manage their care and support, while still having oversight from a coordinator. In our experience, clients who are given the opportunity to self-manage (where appropriate) are more satisfied with the care and support they receive, and are able to self-schedule – reducing the workload for coordinators.
If clients choose to self-manage, Mable can help them create a profile, and can provide ongoing phone support to assist them with using the platform.

  1. Use our advanced search system to filter your and your client’s requirements 

On Mable, we have care and support workers with a variety of skills, qualifications, experience and interests. Please use Advanced Search to filter according to the requirements you and your client have. Although this information is available on their profiles, and we encourage our workers to keep their profiles up-to-date, if your client has specific needs, it’s best to discuss these with the workers directly. You are also able to request workers to provide original copies of certification, references etc. if necessary.

What level of support does Mable offer?

Our goal is to enable clients to manage their own care, and care workers to manage their own clients, in a way that is simple, efficient and delivers great care outcomes.
Of course, from time to time, you might need our help or technical support. If so, please email and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also call our contact centre and speak to a member of our team. We always want to hear from you about things that need improving or ways to achieve better caring and better working.

How to be a coordinator on Mable

In this video, we explain how to use a coordinator log in on the Mable platform. To request a coordinator log in either contact the Mable administrator at your organisation, or call us on 1300 73 65 73.

What is different about Mable?

We are not a traditional care agency. For one thing, Mable does not provide the care. We are an online platform that uses simple technology to enable clients, their families or chosen representative, to find amazing care workers in their local communities. Clients can then contact care workers to discuss and agree the schedule, hourly rate and services, and then hire the care worker directly.
We believe that great care is very much dependent on care workers who feel valued and fairly compensated, who are motivated to build their knowledge and skills, and who want to get to know their clients and build a long term relationship. As many care workers using the Mable platform are working for themselves, they are motivated to deliver great care – because it’s their business to.

What does Mable do?

Mable is an online platform where people can find and directly hire the right in-home care or support worker for them. Whether you’re looking for round-the-clock care, overnight respite, daily assistance, or just weekly drop-ins, on Mable, you can find the highest quality care workers quickly and easily.
We offer a new model in home and community care allowing clients and care workers to connect directly. For the first time, clients and care workers can make their own choices. By hiring care workers directly, clients pay for only the care they want, while care workers can set their own rates and schedules, and both benefit from building long-term relationships. It’s all round better caring.
Our simple-to-use website is a venue where care workers can build rich profiles about themselves, including information about their experience, qualifications, availability, hourly rates, interests and background. Clients can then easily search and compare care and support workers, and in minutes, you will have everything you need to know to select the right care worker for you.

What are the benefits for service providers to use the Mable platform?

1. Offer your clients genuine, diverse choice, while maintaining your duty of care
Mable makes it easy for you to support your clients with Consumer Directed Care (CDC) or self-management of supports under the NDIS, while meeting your duty of care. All care workers have police checks, references and qualification checks appropriate to the services they are offering.

2. Flexible, responsive care that empowers your clients

Local care workers have the ability to provide a highly responsive service. Help your clients to make the most of this flexibility by using Mable to design their care and support around their life goals.

3. Access to a diverse range of workers to meet client needs
CDC and the NDIS by definition recognise that people have unique needs and preferences. With Mable, you can help your clients to find a wide range of local care and support workers who meet their diverse service, geographical, cultural, linguistic, spiritual, LGBTI, social and gender needs.
4. Quality, person-centred support from motivated workers – it’s their business!

Many care and support workers on the Mable platform are working for themselves. That means you’ll find motivated, flexible support workers who care, because it’s their business to. Better yet, our transparent feedback and review capabilities provide accountability, while celebrating those providing exceptional care and support.

5. Mable saves you time
The right care workers are at your fingertips. Mable’s search filters and SMS dispatch make it simple and convenient for case managers or clients to find and hire a care worker. Time sheets, shift notes, payments and reporting are all delivered electronically through the Mable platform.
6. Maintain direct contact with the care and support workers
Mable allows service providers to have a direct relationship with the care or support worker, so that you can stay informed and connected to your client’s changing care needs.
7. Business advantage 

The Mable platform is responding to the growing demand for greater consumer choice and control. Stay ahead of the curve in our rapidly changing industry by using our platform as a tool to deliver unparalleled choice and flexibility to your clients.

8. Our commitment
We are committed to working with you, to evolve our technology, policies and processes to ensure Mable works for you and your clients.

What payment options are available for organisations?

Mable collects payments from clients on behalf of care workers. Organisations can make payments via:

  • Credit Card or Pre-Paid Debit Card: When your client accepts an offer from a care worker, and the care worker’s timesheets are approved, the cost of the care is deducted from the client’s nominated credit card. The amounts charged are based on the hours approved in the timesheet and the hourly rate agreed with the Care Worker, plus the 5% Mable Client Service Fee. Pre-paid debit cards can also be used on the Mable platform.
  • Direct Debit from a Bank Account: Payment can be direct-debited from a nominated account after the care worker’s timesheet is approved. A direct debit authority form must be completed and verified by us before this method of payment can be processed. The form can be found in the Payment Details section of your client’s profile.
  • Pre-payment using Electronic Funds Transfer: An organisation can pre-pay a specified amount of money into their client’s Mable account. Once a care worker’s timesheet has been approved, the charge is deducted from the remaining balance in the account. When the account reaches $0, another pre-payment can be made.  To set up this method of payment call us on 1300 73 65 73.
  • Invoice: Service providers, and in some cases individuals who are self-managing government funding, have the option to pay by invoice. The Mable platform generates an invoice on behalf of the care worker using their ABN. Invoices are issued weekly with 7-day payment terms, to ensure care workers are paid promptly. To set up this method of payment, call us on 1300 73 65 73.