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Welcome to Suddenly Senior!

Mable invites you to join the hilarious duo, Angela Catterns and Ian Rogerson, and a wide range of well-known guests for this no-holds-barred forum on ageing in this new podcast.

An image of suddenly senior hosts Angela Catterns and Ian Rogers

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About Suddenly Senior

Suddenly Senior is a new podcast series produced in partnership with Mable, starring radio legends and industry veterans Angela Catterns and Ian Rogerson.

Join Angela and Ian every Monday as they catch up with old mates, such as Jean Kittson, Ian Hickie, Mark Trevorrow and Mikey Robins, navigating their way through all the glories and indignities of ageing, from chin-hairs and ever-growing ears to the ageing brain and how to care for it… and Mikey Robins’ “How am I going to die?” games.

“I’m so excited about this project. I can’t believe that society still has a problem talking about  something which will ultimately impact us all, if we’re lucky.” – Angela

Through its partnership with Suddenly Senior, Mable aims to raise awareness of the benefits of self-managing Home Care Packages, enabling older Australians to maintain their independence, take control of their care plans and remain in their homes.

Mable gives older Australians the freedom to engage a support team directly, while choosing when and where the services they want are provided, all for a lower fee compared to traditional service providers. 

Using Mable means you could receive more support hours from your Home Care Package by self-managing it.

Latest episodes

The podcast is available to listen on various streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Nova 96.9.

Episode 1: Jean Kittson – I’d like wine with my meds please!

Jean Kittson has been making Australians laugh for decades. Once the Queen of the comedy circuit these days she’s more likely to perform at a senior’s festival (and boy do those mosh pits go off). She loves growing old but just wishes the chin-hair and ears would stop growing.

Episode 2: Ian Hickie – Is pot better than booze for an ageing brain?

Ian Hickie is really brainy. That’s why he’s a Professor with Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre. He busts a few myths about dementia and finally reveals what’s worse for an ageing brain – pot or booze.

Episode 3: Mikey Robins – Post-colonoscopy sandwiches are a disgrace!

Mikey Robins has gone from hosting triple j’s breakfast program to talking history with mostly old men. He’s thankful he made it to 60 and spends his time playing the ‘How am I going to die’ game with friends. He’s also got the lowdown on post-colonoscopy sandwiches.

Episode 4: Michael Lynch – Rediscovering joy and dating in your 70s

Michael Lynch has managed and directed some of Australia’s – and the world’s – most influential cultural institutions. Since losing his life partner he’s been navigating grief and loneliness, rediscovering joy, and learning how to date again.

Episode 5: Mark Trevorrow – Being young is highly overrated!

Bob Downe has been an “old show-biz clack” for more than two decades, forever in denial of ageing. His creator, comedian Mark Trevorrow however, wouldn’t be younger for quids. Despite being invisible in gay bars and at Mardi Gras, he now loves the anonymity of being old and no longer gives a shit about much at all.

Episode 6: Jane Caro – I’m not giving up my high heels!

Having spent much of her career in the youth dominated advertising industry, Jane Caro knows well the euphemisms of ageist talk. She says the best thing about ageing is realising you don’t need other people’s approval and losing your shame. She’s not so keen on Moreton’s Neuroma but refuses to give up high heels.

About the hosts

Angela Catterns and Ian Rogerson are considered ‘veterans of the industry’ with over 80 years of combined media experience.

Angela is best known for her work on Australian radio, including presenting Mornings on Triple J, the National Evening Show on ABC Local Radio, and Breakfast on 702 ABC Sydney.

Ian is best known for being one-half of the two hosts of the ‘Jono & Dano’ show, along with hosting three shows on Seven and appearances on Nine and ABC.

Artwork for the suddenly senior podcast that features Angela Catterns and Ian Rogerson

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